Deployed Addresses

Deployed Addresses

The ERC-6551 registry and Tokenbound account implementation contracts have been deployed to the same addresses across multiple chains.

ERC-6551 Registry

EVM NetworkChain IDRegistry Address
Goerli50x000000006551c19487814612e58FE06813775758 (opens in a new tab)
Mumbai800010x000000006551c19487814612e58FE06813775758 (opens in a new tab)
OP Goerli4200x000000006551c19487814612e58FE06813775758 (opens in a new tab)
Base Goerli845310x000000006551c19487814612e58FE06813775758 (opens in a new tab)
Linea Goerli591400x000000006551c19487814612e58FE06813775758 (opens in a new tab)
Ethereum10x000000006551c19487814612e58FE06813775758 (opens in a new tab)
Polygon1370x000000006551c19487814612e58FE06813775758 (opens in a new tab)
Optimism100x000000006551c19487814612e58FE06813775758 (opens in a new tab)
Base84530x000000006551c19487814612e58FE06813775758 (opens in a new tab)
Base Sepolia845320x000000006551c19487814612e58FE06813775758 (opens in a new tab)
Linea591440x000000006551c19487814612e58FE06813775758 (opens in a new tab)
Frame Sepolia688401420x000000006551c19487814612e58FE06813775758 (opens in a new tab)

Tokenbound Account Proxy

Use this address as the implementation parameter when calling createAccount on the registry

EVM NetworkChain IDAccount Proxy Address
Goerli50x55266d75D1a14E4572138116aF39863Ed6596E7F (opens in a new tab)
Mumbai800010x55266d75D1a14E4572138116aF39863Ed6596E7F (opens in a new tab)
OP Goerli4200x55266d75D1a14E4572138116aF39863Ed6596E7F (opens in a new tab)
Base Goerli845310x55266d75D1a14E4572138116aF39863Ed6596E7F (opens in a new tab)
Linea Goerli591400x55266d75D1a14E4572138116aF39863Ed6596E7F (opens in a new tab)
Ethereum10x55266d75D1a14E4572138116aF39863Ed6596E7F (opens in a new tab)
Polygon1370x55266d75D1a14E4572138116aF39863Ed6596E7F (opens in a new tab)
Optimism100x55266d75D1a14E4572138116aF39863Ed6596E7F (opens in a new tab)
Base84530x55266d75D1a14E4572138116aF39863Ed6596E7F (opens in a new tab)
Base Sepolia845320x55266d75D1a14E4572138116aF39863Ed6596E7F (opens in a new tab)
Linea591440x55266d75D1a14E4572138116aF39863Ed6596E7F (opens in a new tab)
Frame Sepolia688401420x55266d75D1a14E4572138116aF39863Ed6596E7F (opens in a new tab)

Tokenbound Account Implementation

Use this address as the implementation parameter when calling initialize on a created account

EVM NetworkChain IDAccount Implementation Address
Goerli50x41C8f39463A868d3A88af00cd0fe7102F30E44eC (opens in a new tab)
Mumbai800010x41C8f39463A868d3A88af00cd0fe7102F30E44eC (opens in a new tab)
OP Goerli4200x41C8f39463A868d3A88af00cd0fe7102F30E44eC (opens in a new tab)
Base Goerli845310x41C8f39463A868d3A88af00cd0fe7102F30E44eC (opens in a new tab)
Linea Goerli591400x41C8f39463A868d3A88af00cd0fe7102F30E44eC (opens in a new tab)
Ethereum10x41C8f39463A868d3A88af00cd0fe7102F30E44eC (opens in a new tab)
Polygon1370x41C8f39463A868d3A88af00cd0fe7102F30E44eC (opens in a new tab)
Optimism100x41C8f39463A868d3A88af00cd0fe7102F30E44eC (opens in a new tab)
Base84530x41C8f39463A868d3A88af00cd0fe7102F30E44eC (opens in a new tab)
Base Sepolia845320x41C8f39463A868d3A88af00cd0fe7102F30E44eC (opens in a new tab)
Linea591440x41C8f39463A868d3A88af00cd0fe7102F30E44eC (opens in a new tab)
Frame Sepolia688401420x41C8f39463A868d3A88af00cd0fe7102F30E44eC (opens in a new tab)


Tokenbound is a suite of open source tools for building with ERC-6551 (opens in a new tab). These docs are still a work in progress. In the meantime, feel free to join the working group (opens in a new tab) to learn more.