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Name your NFT with a unique name. Your NFT's domain name grants it a landing page and (soon) the ability to deploy named TBAs. The TBA's names are subdomains of your NFT's name.

NFTR - the NFT name registry→

Tribes Inc.

Chat, transact and co-own assets with anybody on Ethereum and Solana.

Tribes Inc.β†’

Station provides rails for groups to mobilize and do cool things on the Internet. GroupOS, our flagship product, is a modular toolkit powering digital collectives to own, govern, reward, and grow their networks, programmatically.

GroupOS by Station Network→
Buddy Wallet

Buddy Wallet is a friendly way to view any of your assets associated ERC6551 wallet, or what I refer to as a Buddy! I am working on adding support for people to transfer assets in and out of the Buddy, send ETH with the Buddy and so on. But the purpose of it is to provide an easy, beginner friendly solution to viewing an ERC6551 wallet.

Buddy Wallet→

The desktop pet which makes your onchain interactions 10x more interesting


An innovative NFT collection harnessing the power of ERC6551 or TokenBound Account (TBA) technology. Manage assets directly with your NFT. Explore new possibilities, use cases, and even sell your TBA Managers NFT just like any other.

The Managers→

SBAs allows any platform on the Celo blockchain to on board their users trough subscriptions that include the ability to mint some credits (ERC20) to the user based on the amount of super tokens being streamed. These features allow flexible tiers based subscriptions with an smooth on boarding.

Subscription Bound Accounts (SBA)β†’

A tool built by to help demonstrate the multiple vectors that NFTs and data can be linked thanks to ERC-6551! Plug in the address of any TBA to see how it's connected with other NFTs, tokens, and wallets.→

Building the App Store For Smart NFTs.


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