Connect with your NFT

Connect with your NFT

Your Tokenbound account is a smart contract wallet that's paired with your NFT, giving it the ability to do anything a wallet can. That means you can use your NFT to connect to websites and DApps using WalletConnect and perform actions on behalf of your NFT.

Here's a quick guide on how to do it.


Note: WalletConnect support differs from site to site and some wallet actions do not have universal support, so your experience may vary.

On the site you want to connect to, open the connect wallet tool and tap WalletConnect. Then copy the WC connection details using the blue copy button on the top right:

Connect Wallet

On your NFT's page on, click Connect with NFT:

Connect Button

The Log in as your NFT modal should appear, and the connection code should be pre-populated in the field. Paste the code you copied, if needed, then click Connect:

Login Modal

Your wallet should open and prompt you to sign a message to log in:


Success! Now you can interact with DApps as your NFT. Any assets added to your NFT's Tokenbound account will be shown on its page on