The Tokenbound SDK currently supports projects using Ethers or Viem to interact with Ethereum. The SDK makes it easy to query ERC-6551 account addresses for any NFT and execute transactions against accounts.


The Tokenbound SDK is compatible with both viem (opens in a new tab) and Ethers (opens in a new tab). viem is a core SDK dependency, so we recommend using viem except for legacy Ethers projects.

Note: If making use of one of the many Web3 starter kits, please make sure that you're using a recent release of viem (>1.0), Ethers 5.7+, or 6 to avoid issues.

pnpm install @tokenbound/sdk

Example apps

To help you get started more quickly, we've assembled bare-bones example apps using the Tokenbound SDK (opens in a new tab) using viem, Ethers 5.7, and Ethers 6 respectively. These examples are using Goerli testnet (chainId: 5).


Tokenbound is a suite of open source tools for building with ERC-6551 (opens in a new tab). These docs are still a work in progress. In the meantime, feel free to join the working group (opens in a new tab) to learn more.