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This page lists all of the terms and their definitions that are used in these docs. Consider these as the building blocks of the Tokenbound Accounts system.


Short for Tokenbound Account. This is the account associated with a particular NFT. An NFT on a particular chain is uniquely identified as a contract address and tokenId pair. For example, one ERC721 contract can have multiple unique token IDs associated with it, and each tokenId will have a unique account associated with it. A TBA isn't generated, it's calculated. The address is deterministic and is calculated based on the NFT contract, the ID of the token and the Account implementation

Registry Contract

The presence of a registry contract on a particular chain makes it possible for that chain to support TBAs. This contract holds the method to calculate the address of a given NFT (contract, tokenID pair)


Implementation of the TBA. We provide a default Account implementation which can be overridden if required. Note that the address of a TBA would change if the implementation contract is changed.

TBA Explorer

We built to provide a way for anyone to view the wallet associated with any NFT. The easiest way to view any NFT's account is to take an NFT's OpenSea URL and replace with and view the assets.